Sand Blasting

Brickwork Sandblasting

Our expertise extends to brickwork sandblasting of brick and stone buildings.

Sand blasting brickwork is an ideal way of removing old paint coatings. It is also ideal for cleaning up new-builds constructed with reclaimed bricks.

Older buildings that have had a newer extension added can be sandblasted to enable the old areas to blend in with the new part of the building.

Removing limewash from the internal walls of old factories is another area we frequently get involved in, as well as removing paint from cellar walls prior to tanking.

Timber Sandblasting

Our expertise covers the blast cleaning of timber beams both internally and externally.

As a general rule we would use a fine light coloured abrasive for blasting softwood or oak beams at low pressure. For green oak we would use a higher pressure – necessary for the removal of saw marks and blue staining caused by cutting.

Stonework Sandblasting

Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Concrete.

Our expertise extends to the sandblasting of a wide range of stone buildings, walls and structures.

Sandblasting of stonework is a very successful way to remove old paint coatings, as well as a multitude of other contaminates including cement, moss, algae, etc.

We understand how different stone surfaces stand up to the blasting process and so are able to advise on the most suitable sandblasting procedure for a particular application.

We are also able to shot blast concrete surfaces whether vertical or horizontal, internal or external.


State of the Art Equipment

We utilise a comprehensive range of state of the art equipment supplied by Blastrac. Blastrac systems are the preferred method for surface preparation used by professional contractors and recommended by coating manufacturers for a wide range of applications.

Correct preparation is vital to any floor installation, and with 24 years experience in surface preparation we feel we are more than able to advise on and provide the correct method of preparation.

Across the UK

Blast Technology are based in Leicestershire in the Midlands and provide a nationwide service throughout the UK using our own fleet of vehicles fitted with onboard generators and compressors. This gives us the flexibility of being fully self-sufficient and without the need of any on-site power requirements.