Warehouse Floor Captive Shot Blasting

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Captive shot blasting is an excellent and cost-effective method of removing existing failed coatings from large warehouse floors. It provides an ideal base for new toppings and coatings and is favoured by many of the leading coating manufacturers.

New or existing power floated concrete will need to have any laitance removed and a suitable “key” provided if the intention is to apply floor paints or other finishes, captive shot blasting is the ideal solution.

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Case study

Warehouse floor Stoke on Trent

This was a recently laid power floated concrete floor that after curing had to have the surface laitance removed to provide a suitable key for the client to apply a two coat paint system, once again this was quickly and efficiently carried out by ourselves with minimum disruption to other trades working within the building.

Total area 9000m2
Time taken 6 days