Shot blasting a heavily painted floor in preparation for a new coating

Checkout this short video of us Shot Blasting a heavily painted concrete floor in preparation for a new coating. The stubborn areas along the joints and edges were quickly dealt with by hand grinding using a combination of diamond and PCD grinding wheels.

As you can see, our state-of-the-art equipment allows the quick removal of paint and dirt whist being dust free with little noise. Perfect for indoor use.

Although this location had power, we always arrive on site with our own on-board generator, meaning you do not need to supply a power source. This is often important for outdoor use such as car parks or unoccupied buildings.

At Blast Technology Ltd we are your Captive Shot Blasting experts with over 30 years experience. We have machines and knowledge capable of dealing with any floor coatings. Whether it be a failed coating or laitance removal. Our captive shot blasting and grit blasting service offer a dust-free experience. Our equipment also provide very low noise output, enabling businesses to carry on as normal whilst we prepare the floor.

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Posted: December 17, 2018