Shot Blasting and Diamond Grinding to level Factory Floor

Today we have completed one in a series of UK factory floors which required captive shot blasting to restore an old concrete factory floor. Shot blasting was the perfect approach on this type of flooring. Captive shot blasting reduced dust and noise making it perfect for indoor use.

Additional diamond grinding was required to level off high points in factory floor. These high spots were left buy a previously poorly applied resin coating that our shot blasting equipment couldn’t remove.

Diamond grinding to level high points in factory floor

Diamond Grinding of factory floor
Here you can see us using a diamond grinder to remove high spots in the factory floor resin coating. This leaves the floor perfectly level ready for new machinery or other inductrial equipment.
Diamond Grinding of resin high points
Here we are using a compact captive shot blasting machine to remove the old surface coating on this concrete floor ready for new surface coatings and line markings.

Posted: May 29, 2019