What Is Surface Preparation?

Car Park Surface Cleaning Service

Traditionally, January has always been a very quiet month within the surface preparation industry, but this month has been a break from the norm with not only many existing clients contacting us but we’ve also had a lot of interest from potential new clients particularly within the warehousing sector having concrete flooring captive blasted in readiness for painting and subsequent re-let.

Car park work is another area that seems to be a hive of activity at the moment for us. Over the years we have completed captive shot blasting on many single and multi-storey car parks that are part of newly built structures such as shopping complexes, hospitals, airports, distribution yards and large car dealerships. In addition to this we get involved with a great deal of refurbishment work on existing public car parks preparing the concrete surface for repair work and waterproof coatings, not only this we clean and prepare mastic asphalt surfaces as well.

We pride ourselves on being very flexible and approachable in the way we conduct ourselves once on a clients site, for example, it wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve arrived on a site only to be met with a work area being used by the client and other trades as a storage area! And instead of standing down for the day or waiting for the area to be cleared like so many others our team actually assists with helping clear space where and when they can with the ethos that the quicker the area is clear the quicker the job gets done and the quicker we earn!

Blast Technology is based in Leicestershire in the Midlands and provides a nationwide service throughout the UK using our own fleet of vehicles fitted with onboard generators and compressors. This gives us the flexibility of being fully self-sufficient and without the need for any on-site power requirements.

Posted: August 24, 2018