Diamond Floor Grinding

Diamond Floor Grinding

An ideal way to remove Laitance, Tile & Vinyl Adhesive and Multi-Layer Paint Systems

Blast Technology Limited provide a comprehensive floor grinding service. Alternative preparation method to Captive Shot Blasting were a smooth finish is required such as in preparation for a low build coating on new concrete.

For the removal of  failed paint and epoxy coatings, adhesive and latex removal and general grinding and levelling of new and existing concrete surfaces.

Planetary floor grinding is excellent for removing tough or multi-layer high build coatings using a variety of tooling with various grit sizes and bonds.
We also specialise in the removal of glue and tile adhesive using PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tooling.

Diamond Grinding for floors

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In this video we are Planetary Diamond Grinding a large power-floated concrete floor to remove laitance, this is vitally important before any paint is applied as paint won’t adhere to laitance!

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