Captive Shot Blasting Videos

Here we have compiled a small selection of videos of our shot blasting services in action. We are UK captive shot blasting and sand blasting experts with over 30 years experience. Unfortunately, as you can see from the video quality, we are not video experts!

Hopefully you can get an understanding of the quality service we provide. We have heavily invested in the latest state-of-art captive shot blasting equipment. This ensures a fast and dust free process. We provide no obligation quotes and accurate project timescales. Call us today on 01509412622 or email

Captive shot blasting a warehouse floor to remove existing failed paint in readiness for a nice new coating

Blasting a warehouse floor

Shot blasting a heavily painted floor in preparation for a new coating

Texturing a concrete 8000sqm yard to provide a slip free surface

Shot Blasting a heavily contaminated concrete floor

An example of how we can produce a textured anti-slip surface

Posted: September 17, 2018