Removing Paint by Planetary Grinding

Planetary Grinding

Planetary grinding is an excellent way of removing a variety of coatings leaving a smooth and flat surface suited to the re-application of new paint or coatings.


This is an example of a painted floor that was recently painted but in a relatively short space of time failed because little or no preparation had been carried out.

The coating quickly began to show signs of lifting and peeling despite the fact that a quality product had been used.

Diamond Grinding

We can be seen here quickly and effectively removing the bulk of the coating by way of Diamond Grinding using our Blastrac BMG 780 planetary diamond grinder fitted with PCD segments, these segments are very aggressive giving a very high removal rate, but the finish although showing the bare concrete still needs further preparation, for this we typically use a 16 or 30 grit diamond segment in various bonds depending on how hard or soft the concrete substrate is.

man using blastrac grinder


This picture shows the final finishing of the concrete using a 30 grit diamond to produce the desired finish suitable for the re-application.

Planetary Grinding

“Planetary Grinding” is a term that refers to the particular type of machine.

Other machines are single headed with one large drum spinning around with the tooling directly attached to the drum.

In the case of the Planetary machines these have the one large drum spinning in a particular direction but with three or sometimes four smaller “satellite” tool carriers spinning in the opposite direction, hence the term “Planetary” these machines give the best results on large areas.


Here at Blast Technology Ltd we carry a comprehensive range of tooling in various grit sizes and bonds as well as the more specialised PCD and crushed PCD tooling so we are able to cater for any given situation that may present itself.


blastrac 780 planetary diamond grinder

Posted: September 22, 2022