Anti-Slip Warehouse Flooring for Better Folk Lift Traction

We were contacted by a client who had serious issues with fork lift trucks loosing traction on these smooth concrete floors. Obviously a dangerous situation to avoid. Blast Technology quickly and efficiently sorted the problem by captive shot blasting the concrete floor in order to provide a lasting anti-slip surface. The process of blasting shot at the concrete floor leaves behind a slightly pitted surface which is non-slip. This process also removes any surface coatings, paint, dirt and grease. Another very happy, and now much safer customer.

anti slip warehouse floor

Captive Shot Blasting of smooth concrete floors provides anti-slip surfaces

A dust-free and low noise experience

At Blast Technology Ltd we are your Captive Shot Blasting experts with over 30 years experience. We have machines and knowledge capable of dealing with any floor coatings. Whether it be a failed coating or laitance removal. Our captive shot blasting and grit blasting service offer a dust-free experience. Our equipment also provide very low noise output, enabling businesses to carry on as normal whilst we prepare the floor.