Floor Grinding

Floor Grinding to Remove Vinyl Adhesive and Latex

Floor Grinding. This is a project we have just completed. Blast Technology Limited were called in to remove 2600m2 of vinyl tile adhesive as well as many areas of latex screed in this old Mothercare retail unit. This was successfully completed  using our  Blastrac BMG 780 Planetary Grinder.

PCD Tooling

The grinder was fitted with PCD tooling to quickly and effectively remove the bulk of the material. Once PCD grinding had been completed the surface was thoroughly vacuumed to remove any remaining debris.

Vinyl Adhesive Removal by Floor Grinding
Vinyl Adhesive Removal Using Diamond Grinding

Diamond Floor Grinding

Once vacuuming was completed Diamond Grinding using a 30 grit extra-soft bond diamond tooling was chosen to remove the remaining adhesive marks still visible on the concrete surface following PCD grinding. The grinder was then equipped with the necessary tooling to finish the floor to a very high standard ready to receive a new finish.

Comprehensive Range Of Tooling

Here at Blast Technology Limited we routinely carry a comprehensive range of machine tooling.

PCD and Diamond tooling in various grit sizes and bonds to meet every eventuality we may encounter.

Removing Vinyl Adhesive and Latex by Floor Grinding
Final Diamond Grind Following PCD Removal



Posted: October 27, 2022