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Blast Technology Ltd are UK experts in MSCP floor preparation

Over the past 30 years, Blast Technology Ltd have successfully prepared thousands of floors using the latest captive shot blasting technology. Projects range from the preparation of new build MSCP’s (Multi-Storey Car Parks) to cleaning and resurfacing of old floors. Our project floor sizes range from under 1,000 square meters to 25,000+ square meters.

We have gained a strong national reputation for providing a fast, reliable and professional shot blasting service within the MSCP industry. Do you have a car park floor preparation or cleaning project? Call the experts today on 01509 412 622.

New MSCP Floor Preparation

On new concrete flooring we quickly remove laitance and provide our clients with a U4 finish suitable to accept many surface coatings and finishes. We have worked on MSCP  projects throughout the UK. We offer both shot blasting and captive shot blasting services using industry leading technology. Captive shot blasting is an ideal method for indoor locations due to lack of dust produced. Our equipment is also extremely quiet making is suitable for active areas.

MSCP Floor Cleaning & Refreshing

On existing concrete floors, we are able to quickly prepare or re-texture the existing surface either to provide an anti-slip finish or in readiness for a new coating.

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What is Captive Shot Blasting and what are the benefits?

Shot Blasting is a process of removing a concrete floor covering in preparation for a new coating.  Shot Blasting provides a perfect surface for the new coating. Captive Shot Blasting uses the same method as Shot Blasting but captures and dust during the process. This makes Captive Shot blasting ideal for environments, such as public or private car parks, where dust contamination is unacceptable.

Need a Multi-Storey Car Park shot blasting quotation?

Based in Leicestershire we provide a national MSCP floor preparation and dust-free captive shot blasting service. Our UK clients range single site owners to national car park organisations. For a fast free shot blasting quote call today on 01509 412 622 or apply online.

Multi story car park floor preperation

Posted: September 6, 2019